"Stop-buy" is a smart parking solution favoring rapid rotation of vehicles and stimulation of local commerce.
Stop-buy zones, offering short duration parking are set-up nearby commercial areas across the city.
Each zone is composed of parking spots equipped with sensors, detecting presence of cars and recording their parking duration.

The solution includes a mobile app advising users of available parking and navigating them to nearest spot, and enabling navigation to the available space. Once checked-in, the timer on the app advises on time remaining, controllers are informed real-time of elapsed parking duration, allowing for efficient fine-handling of cars in breach. Parking managers receive statistics on usage patterns per parking and comparative analysis between periods (hours, days, etc.). Finally retailers may incentivize shopping by offering digital parking time extensions to shoppers.

Stop-buy offers considerable advantages to all parties involved:

  • For residents: real-time availability of spaces, check-in, navigation, timer.
  • For controllers: occupancy and infringement handling.
  • For retailers: becoming involved in attracting shoppers even without ownership of adjacent parking spaces.
  • For the municipality: usage patterns information enabling daily records for further uses

The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innovative programme under Grant Agreement No. 732947-Sub-Grant Agreement No. 002.