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LoRa Smart-parking

wide-scale commercial service at the city of Mons

Aimed at increasing rotation in highly frequented  commercial zones, the city of Mons launched the service in 30 zones throughout th city, providing parking availability and guidance for reidents using a mobile app, alongside real-time monitoring for controllers and reporting for the municipality.

"Stop-Buy" Module

LoRa Smart-Parking at the city of aarschot

The city of Aarschot launched the first Smart-Parking service on a LoRa network.

Conducted in cooperation with Proximus, the deployment was the first of its kind.


traffic redirection

Aimed at encouraging visitors to use alternative means of accessing the centre, the city of Mechelen combines sensors and digital signage to advise drivers of availability in on-street parking at city center, as opposed to off-street parking in the city vicinity,