Smart Parking: "PARKALLY"

“PARKALLY” is a smart parking solution favouring rapid rotation of vehicles towards stimulating local commerce.

PARKALLY zones, offering free-of-charge parking for short duration e.g. 30min, are set-up nearby commercial areas across the city. Each zone is composed of parking spots equipped with underground sensors, detecting presence of cars and recording their parking duration.

As a result, users can track parking availability before arriving to the parking zone, while controllers are informed when a parking infringement takes place.

Smart-Parking Modules

Parkally stimulates shopping activity in nearby zones through the use of the “merchant module – an app allowing retailers to offer parking time extensions, provided a spending threshold is reached, up to a maximum time limit

In addition, CommuniThings Smart-parking solution is adaptable to other parking profiles, including disabled parking, delivery zones and other on-street public parking.
The solution consists of the following modules:

  • The “fine-tracking” module informs city stewards of exact location of defaulting cars, ensuring efficient fines handling and optimized use of resources.
  • The  “Statistics” module assists further the city services by providing insightful data about urban planning and economic activity in the zones.
  • Finally, the solution offers management facilities enabling parking reservations for disabled people or deliveries.

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